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Why Organic

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The afore mentioned facts are true for red wines. In addition, our winery also places big emphasis on the organic quality of grapes and wine it produces. Why is this important?

Production efficiency has been the key in all production technologies for the past fifty years. Only in the last decade have we come to realize that this has severe consquences in agriculture. Plants roots can only absorb a limited amout of nutrients. If ten clusters are grown on a grapevine, then the given (limited) amount of nutrients will be unevenly spread througout those ten clusters. Thus more clusters will contain less nutrients, which in turn results in lower quality wine.

On the other hand, if we remove clusters further away from the stem before ripening, the remaining clusters will be richer. Since organic technology does not allow nutrient intake to be supplemented with fertilizers (just as pest removal with chemicals), the decreased production volume is harder to protect. The producer has only two options: produce more lower quality