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Traditional breeds

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We produce three red (Kékfrankos, Cabernet and Blauburger) and one white (Chardonnay) breed on our lands. Continuing our reasoning from the previous page, its clearly visible that chemical-free wine production is much more expensive and more labor intense than that of the chemical based technologies’. For this reason, our wines that are produced in a limited amount for quality reasons, can only be sold as organic, if their quality is at least as good as that of the traditional wines’. Nevertheless, it is not our intention to compete with traditional products, as our organic wines, beside their excellent quality, possess as special characteristic of organic products, meaning they are much healthier than traditional wines. However, with a further development, we have made our wines virtually unique in the world, by preparing them with organic-PI technology. What this means is, that our wines are further filtered through a PI filter before bottling. Due to this special filtering (the same way