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For centuries wine coniseaurs have toasted with this phrase. The Hungarian equivalent of this phrase is “to your health”. This is unique in the Hungarian language, as it refers to the essence of a toast, since moderate wine drinking is indeed a significant contribution to the maintenance of one’s health.

The extension of one’s health has become a popular subject of investigation nowadays. There have been studies in this context, examining those regions of the world, where most people above the age of 100 live. And lo, a miracle: the majority of these territories all belong to some red wine producing region, where besides wine, oilseeds, cheese, vegetables and fruits are produced and consumed. In Hungary, Roger Corder’s book, The Wine Diet was published in 2009, which investigates the beneficial effects of wine, and recommends the transition to the so-called Mediterranean diet. This book summarizes studies made in the past 3-4 years about the health preserving effects of red wine. Thus it is advisable to consume red wine.

30-40 years ago, official medicine claimed that even the smallest amout of regular alcohol consumption leads to liver disease, reduction of brain functions and the disintegration of the body. Contrary to this, when I was a child and spent my summer in the country, grandmother gave me a sip of the local (almost organic) red wine before meals, since I had a bad appetite. This was more useful than the pepsins and B12 vitamins consumed during the whole year, my appetite was good, and I was able to consume meals which I wouldn’t even taste before.

The afore mentioned studies emphasise the importance of the two most important ingredients of red wine, which are the polycianides and resveratrols. These two components are responsible for descreasing the pace of aging of the body’s cell regenerative capability, prevention of heart and vascular diseases, preventing the development of cancer, decreased pace of vision loss and aging in general. Manufacturers of natural-based food supplements have now realized the importance of these two substances and have begun the production of their concentrates. These substances are also present in black berry fruits (blueberreis, blackberries, etc.) thus consumption of these fruits can significantly improve the health of the aging body.

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